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Digital Strategy & Event Website

- Haystac

A platform to celebrate the cultural diversity in Australian workplaces.


A Taste of Harmony celebrates diversity in Australian workplaces by encouraging colleagues to share food and stories from different cultural backgrounds.

An initiative of the Scanlon Foundation, A Taste of Harmony is a campaign managed by PR agency Haystac, who have been coordinating the event since its initiation.

Digital Outlook was engaged by Haystac in 2012 to overall the online experience and position the website as the primary channel for engaging with participants before, during and after the event.


Since partnering with Haystac we’ve continued to evolve the platform and look for new ways to generate more registrations and engage participants.

Our first step was to reskin the site for mobile and we’ve continued to roll out new initiatives each year such as the Event HubFlag Generator and Participation Board, which tracked the involvement of participants on the event day and recorded the cultural diversity of all people involved.

We continue to work with Haystac to evolve the website and digital communication channels each year.