Selling Ethical High Quality Coffee

- Melbourne Coffee Merchants

A beautifully crafted Wordpress website for Australia's first specialist coffee importer and roaster.


Melbourne Coffee Merchants was the first importer to focus on sourcing specialty-grade coffee for the Australian market.  They have since become one of the most respected suppliers in the industry, sourcing an exceptional, carefully curated selection of specialty green coffee beans focused on Australian roasters.

As a sister company of our existing client at Market Lane Coffee, Digital Outlook was approached to build a new website that would showcase information about their origins and coffees in a beautiful way, using the large volume of images and videos already available.  The main business objectives were to drive new enquiries, support existing customers and reduce the time required by staff to manage site content and the ever changing Offer List.


We created a WordPress website that streamlines the workflow for staff to easily manage the Offer List, as coffees are shipped from origin and move through to an archive status once sold out at MCM.  We also partnered with the agency LostArt to create a responsive design with a clean layout and canvas for all of MCM’s content to shine.

  • Responsive design across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Custom template builder for block quotes, Html5 video, offer lists and other content to be easily formatted in the CMS
  • Dynamic forms to capture sample requests and coffee enquiries
  • Created a Coffee Editor in WordPress so attributes, statuses and availability can be updated on a single page
  • Hidden price lists for existing customers
  • Email list sign-up
  • Creation of responsive Mailchimp templates

Services Provided

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • All development
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Mailchimp template development, set-up and testing
  • Implementation of new projects