A New Brand & Shopping Experience

- Homyped

A Magento 2 store, providing freedom from pain associated with common foot conditions.

The Brief

Homyped has been designing footwear in Australia since 1969 and is a leading brand that creates stylish, comfort footwear with maximum support and stability.

We took over the Magento 2 store from another agency in mid-2018 and were tasked with overhauling the website design and user experience for the brand relaunch in February 2019.


A complete design refresh was applied to the existing Magento 2 store, incorporating a greater focus on the product technology and matching styles to particular foot ailments.


  • Mobile first design approach
  • Addition of new attributes so users can refine their search and browsing experience by foot conditions, health benefits or wellness categories
  • Landing pages explaining the technology and features and benefits of each footbed technology
  • Speed optimization to improve load times
  • Integrated with ZiNet ERP
  • Integrated with DotMailer


We continue to work with Homyped on an ongoing basis, performing basic maintenance services and enhancements and new projects to improve the user experience and conversion rates.