7 Tips for Creating Optimised Product Videos

By: Nigel Ewart|LinkedIn Profile

Online Product Videos

Are you looking to launch a small online business? Or perhaps you’re at the helm of a huge marketing initiative for an eCommerce brand? In both cases, using product videos is a must.

Gone are the days when people rely on “text-only” marketing strategies. Today, consumers want more engaging content. They want a stronger and more interactive connection with the brands they patronise.

Hence, launching a product using videos is crucial in this day and age.

But how do you make the right kind of videos? What are the key elements you need to consider when making one?

Continue reading below as we give you some valuable tips that will go a long way.

Different Video Types

Before we discuss the tips, let us first tackle the different types of product videos you can use. There are five kinds of videos, each one offering a different approach. Let’s take a look at them below:

1. The “How-To” Video

The “how-to” video is the classic way of showing the market how to use your product. This type of video works best if you are launching a complex product. This is perfect if you want to showcase products that come with numerous features.

You can also use how-to videos to indirectly promote your products. Instead of presenting a straight-up tutorial, you can simply incorporate the product and feature only one of its many capabilities. This type of content is excellent for posting on your blog or YouTube channel.

2. The “Close-Up” Video

If your product is the small but detailed type, the “close-up” video is the way to go. Use this video type if you want to give viewers a closer look at the intricate details of your product. If you are selling diamonds or fine leatherwork, this is the video for you.

3. The “Installation” Video

If your product involves complex and sensitive installations, the “installation” video will help your customers in every step of the way. Here, you can clearly explain the step-by-step installation procedure. Sure, texts work, but with an accompanying video, you are eliminating the risk of confusion.

4. The “Product-In-Use” Video

As for the “product-in-use” video, it highlights your product and how real people use them. Here, you can showcase mothers trying out your latest kitchenware. The key lies in using the human element and connecting your product in their daily lives.

5. The “Story” Video

If you are releasing a product that has an interesting history, the “story” video is your best bet. Use this video type to tell the story of how you came up with your product. Here, you can focus on the reasons behind the product’s creation.

Tips for Making Product Videos 

Video content continues to prove its value in the marketing strategies of businesses. But regardless of the type of product videos you choose, there are essentials that you need to consider. Here are some valuable tips that you should follow if you wish to create video content that will boost your sales.

1. K.I.S.S.

We always see and hear this acronym. Keep It Short and Simple remains a vital element in effective video-making. Research reveals that keeping your eCommerce videos short yields better responses from consumers.

This is because most people have a short attention span. Hence, you only have a maximum of 30 seconds to deliver your message through your videos. The longer you extend, the more the interest of viewers may wane.

However, this is not always the case. Some videos require more time. “How-to-do” and explainer videos are exceptions.

But if you’re announcing an upcoming product, try your best to K.I.S.S.

2. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Experts predict that by 2025, 75% of the world will go online by using only their smartphones. Furthermore, Google is now prioritizing sites that are mobile-friendly when it comes to their index. Thus, you need to make sure that your videos are mobile-friendly.

Make sure that people can view your videos on their mobile phones and tablets. Keep your pop-ups to a minimum. Focus on text visibility, interactivity, and loading speed.

3. SEO Matters

One of your main goals when making videos is to make them visible. One of the best ways to do so is to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Using SEO will help your videos rank high on Google and other search engines.

Focus on having a good title and product description. Keep things short but clear and concise. Also, prioritise clickability instead of using tons of keywords.

4. Don’t “Wing It”

As much as you want to unleash your creativity, you should never use a “just wing it” attitude in video-making. Hence, take your time in writing a solid script. Sit down and brainstorm with your team.

Collect all your thoughts and organise them. Get everyone’s inputs and write them on paper first. It is OK to have several drafts.

5. Consistency Counts

When making videos, you need to stay true to your company’s voice. Is your brand a serious type? Or do you cater to the fun and bubbly market?

Make sure that your video represents what your company stands for. Make your content relatable and personal. Most importantly, be consistent in all the videos you will publish.

6. Maximise Your Website

Make sure to post your videos on your company website. This will help attract more visitors to your site. Sites with videos may also see a significant increase in conversion rates.

Videos give your brand a clearer personality. They help you connect even better with new and existing clients. They also help you deliver your message faster.

7. Update Your Social Media

Last but not least, you need to maximise the potential of your social media accounts. Industry experts say that social media is the ultimate platform for showcasing video content.

Make sure to promote your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, at the very least. Feel free to use Instagram if you are selling shoes, bags, and clothes.

Beef Up Your eCommerce Strategies, Today!

Product videos are valuable tools that will help create brand awareness. They are excellent for introducing new products and explaining how they work.

But video content is only one of the many different strategies you can use. Since you have other areas of your business to focus on, we will gladly extend a helping hand.

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