New Year, New Tech: Top 10 Trends for eCommerce in 2020

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eCommerce Trends 2020

2020 is here and along with it comes a variety of new tech gadgets.

You will need to stay on trend with eCommerce product updates to keep your business up to date.

Using the latest gadgets for eCommerce is a must for a successful business.

Keep reading to learn about the different updates that you need to look for in the upcoming year to stay on top of it all!

1. Re-Commerce

A lot of eCommerce trends fall in line with consumer trends. There is a huge market for used, recycled, or upcycled products on the market. According to market insiders, the used goods market is set for an explosion in 2020.

This trend falls in line with a push for sustainable products. Consumers are more aware of environmental concerns. They are looking for products that meet their needs and moral beliefs.

Many consumers also consider used or recycled products to be less expensive.

In today’s market, having a cost-effective product is important to the consumer. Having products that meet these needs will keep you on-trend this year.

2. Visual Gadgets for Commerce

Customers like what they can see. In 2020 there is a huge trend geared towards visual commerce. This trend focuses on using high-quality visual content that represents your products.

You can marry that with things like social links, visual reality, and more.

Consumers enjoy products they can see and interact with. Investments in user content that brings your products to life will be important. Improvements in wireless capabilities will allow for a larger amount of visual content viewing.

Taking advantage of this will help your business grow.

3. Personalisation is a Must

Customers appreciate personalisation. In 2020, eCommerce businesses should focus on updating to capture customer data. The more research and data you have on your consumer the more successful your business will be.

Using personalised information to provide customers with what they need is key. There are new software products and companies that can help improve data acquisition. This information can help you to tailor content and products to each customer.

Investing in better data acquisition products can help you to approve your goals.

2020 will bring a focus on unique and personalised shopping for consumers. Stay on top of this trend to keep your business relevant.

4. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) provides users with a mobile app that looks and feels like a native mobile app. This is important because it will allow your users to use the mobile app on all mobile devices.

Consumers are not using a variety of mobile devices; this allows you to reach them all.

PWA technology will adjust your mobile app to fit the user’s device. If they are using android devices it looks like an android site. Same for apple and other types of devices.

The technology allows you to create one mobile app that works with all platforms.

5. Dynamic Pricing Technology

Consumers care about the prices of consumer goods. Today’s market has left shoppers looking for deals and ways to cut down prices. To be a successful business you need to provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

You can’t start slashing prices though and remain profitable. Instead, invest in dynamic pricing technologies and develop a good strategy.

Dynamic pricing tech will allow you to find the perfect price. The price that will sell but also give you the biggest profit margin. This tech will allow you to research your competitors.

You can see trends for holidays, seasons, and historical events. The best part is you can do it all in real-time.

6. Multi-Channel Marketing

Your customers see lots of marketing every day.

You must provide content and marketing that they want to see. Using technology that will help you analyse the personal needs of customers helps. This can provide you with personalised preferences for customers. You can use that data to provide better content.

Using all the marketing channels available to you will give you a better handle on the market. Do not depend on one marketing strategy. Using a multi-channel marketing strategy will allow you to be more successful.

7. Social Commerce

Consumers spend a lot of time looking at social media.

There is a huge increase in the trend of buying from social platforms. Getting your products seen on social platforms can increase sales. This of it like the impulse buy at the grocery counter checkout.

You see the item and grab it without thinking. Same thing when scrolling through social media.

8. Subscribe & Save

Subscription services are on the rise in 2020. Investments in technology that helps you break into that field will help you succeed. Customers want to shop smart and easy.

Provide them with products they use over and over again every month. This will create a returning customer. It also increases customer experience because they do not have to go on and order every month.

9. Drone Delivery

This has been a theory since drones hit the market, but it might happen in 2020. Top companies like Amazon and even Dominos have been making big strides in this tech. Keeping an eye on this trend can help put you ahead of the competition.

Investing in drone delivery systems could help to provide easier shipping options. It may be a limited market but being first on the market with the technology can help propel your business.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already embedded in many of the things we do today.

Using it for marketing and improving customer platforms is a must in 2020. AI is emerging as a way to provide personalised experiences and faster responses. Implementing AI technology into your business could be a good investment this year.

Best Tech for eCommerce Product Businesses

eCommerce product businesses need to stay up to date on the latest tech trends.

Incorporating them into your business strategies for 2020 will be important. Reviewing trends will give some good insight into investments for the upcoming year.

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