What’s New In Magento 2.3.4?

By: Nigel Ewart|LinkedIn Profile

Magento 2.3.4

The long-awaited version 2.3.4 of Magento has recently been released and there are some significant upgrades for merchants on older versions of M2.

The upgrade includes 220 functional upgrades to the core framework and several models as well as integration with the new Adobe Stock image library. There was also a minor code clean-up to offer performance enhancements for those using the inventory management system and GraphQL.

Major Security Upgrades

With more than 30 security enhancements, you’ll be assured that Magento is keeping your financial data secure.

Improvements range from helping in the closing of cross-site scripting and remote code execution vulnerabilities. Despite not having evidence of previous vulnerabilities due to hacking, Magento found a vulnerability and decided to remove any weaknesses before problems arose. This will stop potential hackings from accessing administrative control so that they can access customer information.

Magento has many recommended procedures to ensure that its customers do not experience any problems with hackers. They suggest IP whitelisting, Two-factor authentication, VPN, using a unique solution instead of /admin, and offer strong passwords so that attackers are not able to access your administrative control on their systems.

The core codes that have to due with security have had some significant upgrades. The upgrades include the removal of custom layout updates so that code cannot be accessed remotely.

While this may sound limiting, Magento has redesigned features of the content template, so whitelisted additions and revisions can be made into the existing template. This will offer style while offering the user security. There is an option to fix any vulnerabilities found in Magento 2.3.3 using the security patch or 2.3.3-p1.

Platform Upgrades

You’ll be happy to know the message queue framework has been enhanced with the latest release of 3rd party technology RabbitMQ v3.8. The newest version of Magento has been tested on the latest Redis V5.06. This will improve caching and session storage capabilities. MySQL and MariaDB 10.2 can be used to rum declarative schema with the new Magento upgrades.

Performance Boosters

Many performance boosters have been included with the newest upgrades to Magneto.

Banner cache logic has been updated so that non-cached requests will no longer slow the loading process. Customer section invalidation has been refactored. The PHTML files will support parsing through the bundling mechanism. This newest release has turned off by default the statistics collection for your reports.

If you need this, then you can enable this feature by selecting System Configuration > General > Reports > General Options. To increase the performance of your software, it is recommended to keep this feature off.

Infrastructure Upgrades

You will find that framework, catalogue, sales, PayPal, Elasticsearch, import, CMS, and B2B functions have all been drastically improved once you upgrade to Magento 2.3.4.

Merchant Tool Changes

Being the child of Adobe has many benefits for Magento. The main advantage is that you will now have access to Adobe stock so that you can upload high-quality images and videos with ease to your merchant website.

Inventory Management

You’ve probably had problems or heard of problems with the Magento shopping cart. You’ll be happy to learn that the developers have addressed those problems with this upgrade. Reservation CLI will no longer hog memory with the new upgrades. Your credit memos, grouped product, stock mass, and stock actions have had a retune.

Overall you will find the usability improved when you work with the new and improved platform.

There was also a long-standing issue surrounding shopping carts that have finally been fixed! This causes a higher load on database servers, however.

Updated and improved the command for inventory. Several quality issues were tackled, as well. These include credit memos, grouped product, source, and stock mass actions have been resolved.

Improvements in GraphQL

GrapQL users will be excited to learn the upgrades and improvements that they are about to receive. Your search, cart, and layered navigation have all received an update. You will be able to link and retrieve carts on different devices. You will be able to do price rendering on through the storefront with improved returning price functions.

The product tax and level discount information issue have been corrected. You will have promotional data in your cart. Users can find your products by name, slug or ID.

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