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Magento certified solution specialists and developers. New builds, ongoing maintenance and optimisation of existing Magento 1 and 2 stores. P: 1300 551 859.
Magento is a powerful and complex application that requires an experienced and steady hand at the helm. With Magento Managed Services from Digital Outlook, a dedicated team of Magento professionals and certified developers take control of your site, ensuring it’s running in optimal condition and continuously enhanced.
  • 12+ years experience building and maintaining Magento websites
  • Certified Magento development team
  • Magento Community and Enterprise Ed
  • Quick response times with guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • Initial site audit, including performance and functional analysis
  • Detailed on-boarding and kick-off process
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Flexible pricing options
We’re managing the online stores for established retailers and successful start-ups.

what services are covered?

We provide a range of Magento services, depending on your in-house expertise and level of support you need. Interested in Magento 2? Find out more about our upgrade approach and considerations and the benefits Magento 2.

General Maintenance

Bug fixes, security patch updates and routine updates to ensure your store is always open for trading.

New Feature Enhacements

Development of new features and functionality to ensure your store evolves and keeps pace with your marketing programs.

Analytics & Insights

Set-up of Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and monthly insight reports, to help teams make informed decisions.

Content Management

Prep and upload of products for new season refreshes and regular product drops, as well as other content updates.

Magento Migrations

If your site is hosted by your current agency or you're locked into a hosting provider, we can migrate it onto an AWS environment that you own.


Our dedicated and friendly Project Managers won't baffle you with overwhelming technical jargon. (Unless you want us to).

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Handover Stages and Timings

Taking over another developer's Magento website is no small task. As much as we love Magento, there are an array of implementations and coding standards (some good...some bad) so it's critical we audit your website and understand how it's been built before we touch anything.
1. Site Audit (1-2 weeks)
  • Code audit
  • Performance analysis
  • Extension review
  • Functionality analysis (basic)
  • SEO review
  • Migration (if required)
2. Planning (2 weeks)
  • Team introductions & kick off
  • Jira and Basecamp set-up
  • Create prioritised task list
  • Present audit findings
3. Maintain & Grow (Ongoing)
Level of support depends on support packaged. Please refer to our services list.


If you have any questions that aren't covered below, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any queries you have regarding our support packages. Interested in updating to Magento 2? Find out more about our upgrade approach and what Magento 2 has to offer.

The right support package depends on the length of time your site has been live and the revenue you're generating per year.

If you're a start-up or new store and generating less than $500K p/year then the PAYG package (hourly rate) is best.
This is so you can allocate more of your budget to building an audience and less to maintaining the website. 

If you're generating more than $500K p/year, you should consider a monthly plan so that you have priority support and additional budget can be allocated to site enhancements that will improve your key metrics.  

The response times depend on the priority of the issue.

LEVEL 1 issue - if the site can't transact then you're guaranteed a response within 2 working hours and we'll aim to resolve the issue within 1 working day. 

LEVEL 2 issue - if the site can still transact but there's a problem which affects a particular process or system (like site search), you're guaranteed a response within 2 working hours and a resolution within 2 working days.

LEVEL 3 issue -  if there are problems that have minimal or no impact on the customer’s ability to perform the major functions, you're guaranteed a response within 1 working day and a resolution within 5 working days.

Your Project Manager will be available on mobile, email and Skype so can be easily reached.  Alternatively you can log issues with other team members in the office who can follow-up for you.

NOTE: our SLA is only offered on our Monthly Support Packages. 

Before we take on another company's code, we need to do a detailed audit so that we understand how the site has been built and to identify any potential issues.  This will ensure we are prepared to take over the site when the time comes.

The audit will covers things such as:

  • System checking - Magento version, store views, config settings, file systems and security check
  • Performance review - existing optimisation, caching set-up, Html validation and performance bottlenecks  
  • Templates - check templates and file locations
  • Plug-ins - installed modules and extensions
  • Coding standards - general coding standards and customisation
  • Server configuration

All staff working on your account will log their time and provide detailed descriptions on the tasks performed. 

Your Project Manager will update a shared Google Spreadsheet every two weeks, so you can see what time has been spent on and hours remaining for the month.

Before we start a contract we'll agree to the minimum number of hours you're happy for us to proceed with, without getting prior approval.

For most of our customers, if a task takes less than 4 hours we just do the work and log our time.  If it's going to be more than 4 hours, then we'll provide a breakdown so you can approve the work before we commence.


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