Selling On Amazon using Magento 2 or Shopify

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Are you ready to sell your products on Amazon? Selling on Amazon in Australia can open you up to a jaw-dropping 278 million active customers worldwide. Want a piece of that? Keep reading.

You’re faced with a big decision early on. Do you want to use Shopify or Magento? These are the two heavyweight champions of the e-commerce world and either makes a great tool for selling on Amazon in Australia.

But which is right for you? That depends on a lot of things.

We’re going to take a deep dive into both options and what you can expect from the overall experience, with a focus on selling from Australia.

Who Takes Care of the Shipping/ Housing Inventory?

This is a major concern for people looking into selling on Amazon in Australia. How will my goods reach an international buyer? Is all that shipping on me? Not if you don’t want it to be.

If you choose either Shopify or Magento, Amazon eventually takes care of that for you. You will be what they call a third-party seller. And Amazon loves third-party sellers. They make up 40% of all of Amazon’s revenue.

That means you have the option of either sending your goods to Amazon and letting the Amazon warehouse ship your goods through their Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)program.

Or, you can opt to send the goods directly from Australia to customers around the world yourself, just like you would with eBay.

But their FBA program is extremely popular and a great choice because you can ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses for them to store your goods.

Your goods are then picked, packed, and efficiently shipped out whenever you request them to.

Selling on Amazon in Australia With Shopify

If you want a fast and easy setup, Shopify is the way to go. And that’s what makes it a such a popular choice. Shopify is doing big business right now. They recently reported:

  • Their shares have shot up more than 130% higher since the beginning of this year
  • In 2015 they had about 200,000 customers and that number has exploded by 150% in just 2 years.

It’s pretty much as easy as building your online store in Shopify, then syncing your store with Amazon because they have full integration.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Logging into Shopify
  2. Clicking the + sign under Sales Channels
  3. Selecting Amazon
  4. Registering as a Professional Seller and upgrading to an Amazon Seller Central Professional account

From there, the ability to sync your two accounts is pretty amazing. You can:

  • Build new Amazon listings in 8 different categories directly from your Shopify account
  • Fulfill your Amazon orders right from your Shopify
  • Sync all inventory for real-time tracking
  • Sync each product’s details, variations, and images to your Amazon account
  • Specify unique prices/ promotions just for Amazon listings. You can also reserve inventory just for Amazon.
  • Track your Amazon sales using Shopify reports

Keep in mind though that you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • An active Shopify account on any plan
  • You must be selling products that fit into a supported Amazon category
  • Your store needs to list prices in USD
  • You mustn’t be shipping your products using Fulfillment by Amazon

You can get started with a 14-day free trial, and view their regular pricing here.

Selling on Amazon in Australia With Magento

Magento, on the other hand, requires more work. And it may not be the answer if you’re not terribly tech savvy.

It’s free, but you do have to purchase hosting. And you also have to take care of all the software/system setup and installation procedures yourself.

But it’s robust and powerful, which has led to its own massive growth in recent years. They have recently reported:

  • Over $124 billion in online commerce sales powered annually
  • The number that is projected to grow to $224 billion by 2020

Using M2E and Magento When Selling on Amazon in Australia

The service M2E has positioned themselves as “The only Magento (1.x, 2.x, cloud) native solution for”

Why choose them? Well, as of right now, the Amazon Australia marketplace is by invitation only. M2E pro is an Amazon partner and has been invited to participate in Amazon Australia marketplace launch.

You get a lot with this tool and it’s designed for Amazon and eBay integration. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, it focuses on just those markets.

You get:

  • Complete and seamless Magento integration
  • A single source for all given marketplaces
  • Complete ownership of all your data
  • Multi-currency support
  • Complete inventory, pricing, and catalogue management rules
  • Access to every marketplace, store or view within a single license structure
  • Customer service and support that focuses on listing management, pricing structures, inventory management and multichannel optimisation
  • The Amazon algorithmic re-pricer
  • Native Magento support for Amazon B2B, Amazon Prime, and Amazon FBA

They are currently connecting over 14,000 Amazon accounts to the Magento ecosystem. You can get started with 60 days for free and no obligation.

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